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The one who remained. Confession of a Steppenwolf

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Biography of Elvina, now a Steppenwolf. Written according to her.

From my childhood, I remember the biggest white house. When I was little, it seemed like a palace to me. I was allowed to live in it, help my mother and even communicate with my master's daughter. But the house wasn't ours — Mom worked there as a maid.

We lived… well, probably, nobody ever hurt us. The owner of the house raised his daughter alone. She was kind. I guess we were even friends. She's probably no longer alive…

Shortly before Crossout, the owner crossed the path of serious people, and they kidnapped my friend. They demanded a ransom. I don't remember much, but something went wrong. And then it started. The master took all of us, wanted to take us somewhere on his plane. I asked him where my friend was, but he didn't say anything. Who knows, maybe she's still alive?..

We never managed to leave — we only just got on board when we were surrounded by armed people. They demanded that we give them the plane and everything that we had. Then the soldiers came, everyone started shooting… Mom died. That's… that's what I don't want to remember.

I was taken away by the military. Funny… I was so afraid that I would be sent to the orphanage. I never imagined the world would be the way it is now. It all fell apart. I couldn't bury my mother, couldn't say goodbye to my friend, I didn't find out why the owner didn't pay the ransom for her… It's been so many years, but I'm still bitter. It will probably never heal, but there is nothing left but scars — nothing to trouble the wounds.

I don't remember my mother's face anymore, and her eyes are still dreaming.

When there was nothing left, the lieutenant came. Picked me up from a soldier camp. They were good guys, feeding me caring for me, even trying to tell me bedtime stories. There was almost no one left of their platoon either.

I survived. The Lieutenant… Ironhand saved me, let me be who I am now. You can't change the past, but I locked it inside and I can move on.

I go where Ironhand goes. This is how this works.