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Portal Dozer

[Access Level: Special
Appendix RBR-011 to the report on the study of artefacts before the disaster. Seeker Liberty's unsent message to the head of intelligence delivered posthumously.]

To Supreme Explorer D.

I'm still being watched.

Fearing data leaks, I did not indicate information about a person known as Dozer in the previous report.

As we expected, the study of Nyeri artefacts, begun in 2017, was carried out under the patronage of the government. To avoid publicity, the highest ranks established a secret protocol that allows citizens to be removed from prison and sent as test subjects for research.

Dozer was one of the prisoners put at the disposal of scientists for contact with artefacts. An orphan who grew up among street gangs, a petty, cunning criminal — no one would look for him. Dozer himself showed vigilance and aggression towards the personnel, unsuccessfully attempted sabotage twice, and then he went quiet.

The escape from the test site happened after Dozer’s contact with an unspecified artefact. Scientists missed the fact that the subject received the abilities of telepathy and suggestion to people with low levels of intelligence. Having gathered the prisoners, Dozer stole weapons from the guards and made an escape.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the results of the experiments.

Now Dozer occupies a high position among the Scavengers. Using his abilities, he secretly fights for power. He managed to deceive the raiders — they consider him an idiot with a mountain of muscles. In fact, he is a cunning little scumbag who wants to remove Scar AB.

Just now I heard people outside the shelter and Dozer among them. He tracked me down. This will probably be my last outing.

I will seal the letter in a container according to the protocol. The other Seekers will find it.