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Access Level: Intermediate.

An excerpt from Explorer Loom's personal correspondence with a friend, Explorer Broom.

«…I'm not gonna lie — I assumed from the beginning that Charlie's case would not be ordinary. With the Steppenwolfs, that's not how it works, personalities dictate the stories. And then there's the new S.W.A.F. team. The special ones.

At the settlement providing the assault force with provisions, I expected anything, but not an old man who pointed a gun at me. He calmed down when I showed the insignia of the Order. I was immediately released and taken to the camp to feed and rest. They respect us.

When he heard I wanted to talk about Charlie, the old man asked me about my background for a long time.

Can you believe she's his granddaughter? Yeah, it's hard to realize that even guys like the Steppenwolfs have vulnerabilities, family. It turned out that it was grandpa who saved Charlie during crossout, took her out of town and began to teach military affairs. It is funny to listen — he tells me how he weaved braids, and a moment later — how she set records in speed disassembly of any weapon she could lift at eight. He also said that she always had a “feral instinct”.

By the time Charlie grew up, the old man was too frail and unable to continue the studies. Then the Wolves took her. Charlie blossomed there and is now basically their best scout.

Of course, it changed her, but who wouldn't change? Her eyes lit up ahead of schedule.

The old man also complained to me that her squad had, as he put it, “shady types”. Especially he didn't like Delta. Says he's a talker and pretty stupid, even though he's as big as a mountain. Charlie, a good girl (“like her mother, the same silent type”), and this Delta have nothing in common at all...

But something in the old man's story caught me in particular. He says that Charlie seems ice-cold but has a hot blast furnace inside. She'll rip anyone's throat open and go into battle without a gun for her own kind. She would die but save them.

If nothing else, dedication to their kind and their duty is definitely the strongest quality of the Steppenwolfs. That's the way it is.”


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