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Portal Caligaris Amusement Park

Telling legends about the horrors of the Valley is one of the favorite activities of the Survivors who are tired of endless battles. There are enough mysteries told by the talented storytellers that add up into a real nightmare by the light of a campfire. By morning, the fear passes, and the stories are forgotten and never repeated in the same form. That's why there are legends — to be passed on in words and dissolve in time. But those who have heard of a mechanic with a mesmerizing look and blood-red hair will never forget it.

At every campfire, at every halt, frightened pilots convince others that a madman has appeared in the Valley. The one the Wasteland has never seen before. Its truck resembles a circus tent and shimmers with lights, a cacophony of sounds is heard from within, arousing a burning interest among travelers.

Someone runs out of there laughing furiously, some crawl out on their knees and go into the Wasteland without their cars. But all of them invite to enter Caligari's amusement park and try to unravel the master's terrible secret.

It is said that in the depths of his circus, he creates unprecedented parts for armoured vehicles based on the Ravager he captured. And the most fortunate guests manage to leave the tent, taking a couple of his outlandish inventions with them. That’s why there appear more and more people who want to get to know Caligari personally. No one knows where he came from, but there are rumors that the mechanic will not stay in the valley for a long time. Every day, more and more lost souls appear at the amusement park, who want to try their luck and get their portion of entertainment from the mechanic, risking their lives and minds.