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Perimeter Breach is a raid in Crossout.

Perimeter Breach icon

This cargo was perfectly hidden. In any case, it seemed to its owners. Reliable gates, a lot of serious security. But the more valuable that they want to protect, the more hunters for the good of others. For Wastelands, this principle is especially relevant. Your customer was extremely concise when you discussed the details:

  • At the beginning of the raid, players need to break through to the gate blocking the path to the coveted cargo and clear their way from the raiders.
  • Raiders will never give the load in a good way, and the impudent penetration of strangers will not be left without attention of one of the leaders.
  • Even the fact that you grabbed the cargo does not mean anything! The raiders were ready for such a development of events, blocked the gate to the evacuation point and called for reinforcements. And the time before his arrival is less and less!
  • To destroy the gate Survivors need to bring explosive goods to the gate and destroy them.
  • If the Survivors manage to emerge victorious from all the clashes and come close to the point of evacuation, the raiders throw all the remaining forces into the battle of "last hope". To win, it is necessary to destroy the leader and the remnants of the detachment and take out the cargo.
  • Even if the time allotted for the return is over, and you did not have time to complete the task before the arrival of reinforcements, you still have a chance. But do not forget that by this time the raiders already managed to pull support units to the point. Can you fight them back?