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Guiding Star This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Guiding Star».
Information Logo The mode was available until July 8 inclusive.

Operation "Gozu" is a brawl in Crossout.


Operation Gozu icon

Operation Gozu is a special PvE brawl that covers the events that take place during the season. In addition, it’s a great occasion to test your strength and team skills and get memorable rewards!

You will be able to complete the brawl stealthily or by direct assault, and this style will directly affect the amount of time spent on completing the brawl and the received rewards. But one thing at a time:

  • The battle takes place on a map, created specifically for this brawl, “Desolate town”.
  • Your objectives:
    • destroy the Ravager tower;
    • break into enemy territory and upload the Syndicate virus to the data center;
    • destroy the Ravager leader.
  • In addition to ordinary enemies, you can meet:
    • Surveillance cameras. Track the movements of possible enemies and is always ready to raise an alarm if you get caught into their field of view. If you aren’t looking for problems and aren’t ready to confront reinforcements - avoid them.
    • Patrolmen. Patrol the territory and raise an alarm when the enemy is spotted. Don’t forget about coordinated team actions to get into enemy territory unnoticed.
  • Two styles of completing the brawl are available to you:
    • Stealth. Avoid watchmen and patrolmen and sneak into enemy territory. For those who prefer to do business without unnecessary noise and problems.
    • Assault. Every time you are detected by a surveillance camera or patrol, you will have to confront the reinforcements. Needless to say, this will not only test your strength, but also increase the time spent on the operation. Compared to the stealth mode, this way you can earn more resources (if you actively fight enemies).


Special Rewards[]

You have 3 challenges that can only be completed in the new mode. You will receive a reward for completing each challenge:

Challenge Reward
1 Deal 20,000 damage to the Ravagers
2 Destroy 30 Destroyers
3 Destroy 50 red eyes of the Ravagers