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Frostbite Assault This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Frostbite Assault».

Northern Justice is a raid in Crossout.

  • Northern Justice” is a raid for 4 players with a mechanic already familiar to many survivors, with confronting groups of enemies.
  • A group of players is given a limited amount of time, which can be replenished by destroying enemies and avoiding the destruction of their car. Additional time is also granted for completing a wave.
  • If one of a player’s vehicles gets destroyed, his teammates have the ability to restore the destroyed player back to the battle faster, than waiting for the player to be automatically restored. To do this, you need to get to the place where he was destroyed and wait for the special recovery scale to fill up.
  • Among your opponents, you will encounter opponents with a variety of roles. To win and survive as long as possible, you need to take into account their features:
    • Berserker — increased damage, but high vulnerability.
    • Pyromaniac — uses fire weapons. Leaves a puddle of fire after destruction
    • Rocker — increases the damage of all allies in a certain radius around himself.
    • Chief — after destruction, all allies in this wave receive a permanent bonus to the damage they deal.
    • Tank — has powerful armour due to increased damage resistance of his parts.
    • Communicator — calls for reinforcements some time after the player enters the detection zone.
    • Hunter — when dealing damage to players, he leaves a mark on them that increases the damage dealt to them. Destroying the hunter removes the mark.
    • Defender — imposes an aura of invulnerability on all allies within a certain radius.
  • The final reward in resources (scrap metal and plastic) depends on how many waves you survive and how many points you score.
  • Players also have access to a special daily challenge, to complete which they must survive at least 1 wave of enemies. The Strategic reserveStrategic reserve container is given as a reward in this raid.