"From the skies to the sand"

Retaining too much humanity to be called the Lost, but not humans in the full sense of this word, Nomads explore the most remote areas of Wasteland without fear. Their cars are hybrid designs combining features of airplanes and vintage cars.

Crafting recipes (in links)

Item Rarity Level
Nomad flag (3d.) Rare 1
ST-M23 Defender Rare 1
Vector Rare 1
Wyvern Rare 1
Dun horse Rare 2
Maxwell Rare 2
Racing wheel Rare 3
Landing gear Rare 3
AD-12 Falcon Rare 4
Ampere Rare 4
Chameleon Rare 4
Nomad standard (2h.) Epic 5
Spectre-2 Epic 5
AC72 Whirlwind Epic 5
MD-3 Owl Epic 6
Cheetah Epic 6
Doppler Epic 7
RN Seal Epic 7
MG13 Equalizer Epic 8
Chameleon Mk2 Epic 8
Hardened track Epic 8
Blueprint storage Legendary 9
Storage expansion Legendary 9
Retcher Legendary 9
Aspect Legendary 10
Reaper Legendary 10

Vehicles blueprints

Level Vehicle
1 Pathfinder
5 Nomad
7 Adventurer
10 Explorer
13 Archeologist
15 Wanderer
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