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Nameless Tower is a location in Crossout.


During the absence of people, a tall unfinished tower appeared in the burial ground. No one who had been in the city before the catastrophe remembered anything like that, which made the construction even more terrible and attracted desperate adventurers and explorers.

For those who returned to the burial ground, the tower became a kind of sacred symbol. A cult formed around it, the followers of which decided to settle right here - in abandoned buildings. Most likely, it was they who unearthed one of the mounds at the foot of the Tower, exposing a half-destroyed dome, in the center of which the forgotten reactor started to work. A lot of dark rumors originated about him. Someone said that it was only thanks to him that the city eventually turned green again, and the deadly anomaly disappeared. Someone said that the reactor is not so harmless, and it works on human sacrifices. Therefore, the cost of the revival of life in the region is prohibitive. And some madmen believed that the reactor feeds the nameless Tower, allowing it to climb higher and higher.

Of all the variety of crazy versions, the latter most often shakes the air of the Valley. It is supported by the cultists, who proudly call themselves Lookers-in-up. They believe that human lives are needed to keep the reactor running, and they wait patiently for the blood-packed Tower to continue to creep up. According to their legend, when the monumental structure finally reaches heaven, they will all climb it and watch the Burial Ground from the clouds, and with it the rest of the world will again be flooded with anomaly. But much, much more deadly.

Whatever it was, now, when the terrible city was finally partially accessible to the Wasteland raiders, many survivors rushed here in search of the remaining values. It is not surprising that the mystery of the Tower especially attracts their attention.

Legend of the Tower[]

Portal Legend of the Tower

It is said that the first raiders who visited the Burial Ground and saw the Tower with their own eyes were the Black Bull Bill's gang. But it was not just that they penetrated the depths of the lost city. The gang followed in the footsteps left by Kelly Grace and her pink Cadillac. Ah, Kelly is the first beauty of the Wasteland. The gold of her curls. The shine of her eyes. The haughty beauty fled her settlement, and the Black Bull received a handful of coins to bring her back.

The footprints led his gang straight to the foot of the Tower. The girl entered her, and the Bull followed her with several friends. The remaining raiders were waiting for him at the foot for three days and three nights. But only one Bill returned from the Tower. His eyes were mad. The speeches are slurred.

According to him, the footprints led them to the center of the Tower to a steel vertical staircase that went straight to heaven. For a long time they climbed it. Everyone who walked with him broke loose and died. And only he, the Black Bull, was able to climb the flat top. The girl was not there. Only at the edge of the platform did he see a piece of the hem of the dress caught on the old reinforcement left over from the fence.

There, from the top of the Tower, Bill saw the city flooded with night lights. Streets full of cars and people. The world as it was before the disaster.

We do not know how much time he actually spent at the top and how he got down. According to him, an eternity has passed. They say that later he went into a hermit and for a long time lived alone on the edge of the Wasteland.

The Fall of the "Nameless Tower"[]

With the release of the “Dronapocalypse” update, a tower, which is an analog of the real TV tower that previously existed in Yekaterinburg, started to fall during battles on the rainy version of this map. If you are familiar with the history of Yekaterinburg, you’ve probably heard that the real tower was demolished in 2018. It was one of the symbols of the city and a monument from the Soviet era.

Now, thanks to Crossout, you can see how the tower is turning into ruins in real life! This is a unique opportunity to dive into the history of Yekaterinburg and see what the tower looked like in reality. In addition, the updated “Nameless tower” offers new gameplay opportunities for players.