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A somewhat controversial Valley celebrity. He joined the raiders at the invitation of Psycho Pete, when his gang was just starting out. The outrage behaviour, craving for wealth and the overall insanity - that's exactly what the new gang needed. But Sher Ali himself thought otherwise, and instead spent all his time at the base, singing inaudible verses. And the growing son of one of the Firestarters accompanied his chants with rhythmic tapping on the metalware.

Sher Ali began to visit the survivors camps after all, but insead of raids, he brought them his controversial shows. His performances shocked people, his fame spread throughout the Valley, and soon every child was talking about him. Then Sher Ali stopped doing anything for free. Soon after that, Psycho Pete kicked him out of his gang for ruining its menacing image.

But by this point, Sher Ali was already perfectly capable of surviving in the Valley without getting into crazy fights, but just making up songs about them. He was hated by many for that. But he became so successful that he hired guards for himself. And then he hired guards for his own guards, too.