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Mind hunt This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Mind hunt».

Mind hunt (rus. Охота за разумом) is a temporary event in Crossout.

Information Logo Event duration: June 20 - July 24, 2024.
  • Event levels and their corresponding rewards will be unlocked as you complete special missions and earn event experience points.
  • Event experience points are needed to unlock levels and receive rewards.
  • As part of this event, you will receive new challenges: 1 main and 1 additional challenge.
  • New challenges appear every day. All incomplete challenges accumulate.
  • Basic event rewards are available to all players. These include:
    • Coupons for factions’ workbenches;
    • 50 in-game coins;
    • A number of stickers;
    • “Hermit’s stash” container with a CK of your choice;
    • “Scout’s container” with a random legendary, epic or special part.
    • Resource containers;
    • “Supercharger”, “Right grilled lamp” and “Left grilled lamp” decorations;
    • Engineer badges.
  • All additional rewards (marked with an icon of a lock on a blue background) are available only to those who purchased the “Mind hunt” pack (regular or deluxe edition). Purchasing the deluxe edition immediately unlocks the next 10 levels and all the rewards of the already unlocked levels. Purchasing the deluxe version immediately unlocks the next 10 levels and all the rewards of already unlocked levels.
  • Purchasing the pack gives you access to:
    • Certain already produced parts;
    • Recipes for the production of certain upgraded parts on the event workbench;
    • Additional in-game coins;
    • 3 paints, a number of stickers, “Tines” decor and “Wind generator” range decoration;
    • Storage expansion;
    • For each subsequent level, starting from 51, you will receive 120 in-game coins as a reward.