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  • Next time you pop back to this could you see what you could do about the overall themes / design of this Wikia. I had a glance over at the 'Dark Souls' Wikia and their method of navigation seems well designed by having a mixture of a custom font, images and hypertext links to content. It seemed thematic and engrossing so I think that we could attract more people with a flashier main page.

    I also want your opinion on some things regarding:

    Awards: Unlocked for some trivial things such as editing. Did you want to customise them and if so what should they be? (Maybe It can have images of Crossout components or just anything)

    Overview: In your own time could you have a skim over my more recent contributions to see if they are to your liking. I've added some humour to a couple of pages and I need your views on it.

    Traffic: As it stands we have a grand total of 3 people who have actively signed up to the Crossout Wikia and I think we need a way to network either through other Wikia or maybe 3rd parties.

    Content protection: I've given protection to the actual content pages (non-categories) to avoid any tampering by unwanted people. Its set so that non-members cannot manipulate the page for 3 months from today. Do you have any arguments against the idea?

    Background / Text colour: We are currently using a stock background provided by the Wikia people, do you have any ideas as to what it could / should be? As for the text plus overlay it is well contrasting in this design but it might need to be tinkered with as we change up a few things.

    Youtubers: If you could get a hold of any youtubers to provide videos willingly it might help give more depth to the information. I would prefer if I could get images like "Fig. [1]" (on the project page) to increase uniformity.

    P.S. If you want you can delegate anything you need to me and I'll see what I can do. I've just left the decision making to you because you are the Wikia creator after all.

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    • I will definetely look into changing the theme; I'm a little busy with schoolwork right now, but I will get on it soon.

      I don't think the awards need to be changed-at least not yet, since there are very few people active.

      Content protection is definetely a priority. Non-members should not be allowed to edit pages.

      Honestly I kinda liked the background...I thought it fit the Crossout theme. I'll play around with colors and stuff.

      I don't know any Youtubers personally, and I'm not exactly sure vidoes would help a whole lot. But it is something to think about.

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    • I think at some point creating weapon and part templates would be helpful-it might decrease the clutter. But until then, maybe move a photo of the part/weapon to the top right of each page?

      I moved the Crossout photo on the main page. It was covering up some text. No big deal.

      Also, the wiki is getting a fair amount of traffic. In the Admin dashboard, it'll say how many views the wiki gets each day. It's in the hundreds.

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  • This is a heads-up about the fact I'm working on the Crossout Wikia. Since I'm the only one posting information it would make it easier if I could get one of two things:

    1. Admin privileges to modify the main page and link the categories (Weapons, Cabins etc.)

    2. Feedback and active moderation on the Wikia so you can be more involved with the changes I will be making.

    P.S I know you have written that 100 hundred edits is the pre-requisite for being an admin but for the sake of kick-starting the Wikia as a whole I suggest that you give me admin control for a short test period under your supervision to see if it co-insides with your view / direction that you want to achieve.

    Respond to this message when you can so I can be aware that you got it.

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    • I had actuallly given up on the wiki a long time ago, but yeah sure! I actually haven't gotten access to the game yet, so...

      I will definetely be more active on the wiki, not that I can do much, but I'll give a lot of feedback and stuff. I can't really edit content per se, cause I can't play the game yet, but I will definetely do some of the layout and stuff.

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    • I have promoted you to Admin, and given you rollback and chat moderator rights.

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  • Hello, We're excited to have Crossout Wikia as part of the Wikia community!

    There's still a lot to do; here are some helpful tips and links to get your wikia going:

    All of the above links are a great place to start exploring, and have fun!

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