The "Mandrake" is a Legendary rarity weapon in Crossout.


Weapon can be manufactured from the Steppenwolfs Legendary workbench upon reaching level 9 with that faction. Production time is 21 hours.

Requires Resources
Scrap Metal 100
Batteries 750
Electronics 750
Copper 750
Requires Parts
Humpback 2
Executioner 88mm 2
Skinner 1


The Mandrake is a large high caliber artillery howitzer cannon. It fires a volley of 4 napalm shells that deal heat damage over time when a vehicle is caught in the fire. Being a long range cannon, it is a very bad choose if used close quarter combat. Using a secondary weapon that deal a decent amount of damage will work effectively. When preparing to fire, it will take 2 seconds for the cannon to prime. A beep tone will sound when the gun is ready to fire. An arch and circled area shows exactly where the shells will land. If planning to use this gun, NEVER use only the gun in battle as the player) unless a player is highly experienced) will be quickly taken out.

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