M-37 Piercer is a rare rarity Rapid-fire machine gun in Crossout.


The Piercer is a good balance between a minigun and a machine gun. Boasting lower fire rate than a minigun, higher fire rate than a machine gun but lower damage, the weapon is ideal for quickly getting lots of bullets into enemies.


The weapon has lower range than machine guns, making it better for close range combat. Like machine guns, it can be effectively used to disarm enemies, or remove wheels.


The weapon is a black and dull-green colour that most Steppenwolfs weapons have. The M37 gun is held within a metal frame and is trigger linked via a collection of wires. The gun's barrel sits above a gas cylinder and connects to a tall hexagonal shape of the frame. A large motor with an electrical unit at the back controls the weapon's elevation. In front of this motor is an ammo box held in by a rusted frame, the belt plugging into the actual gun from its left side.

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