"The few, the proud, the fierce"

Faction led by Psycho Pete (Warlord)

Love all that rumbles, explodes and accelerates. They move on buggies assembled from lightweight structures, build missile launchers, explosive spears and shrapnel shotguns made of old mortars. Their cars are littered with spikes and skulls to intimidate the enemy.

Crafting recipes (in links)

Item Rarity Level
Lunatic flag (3d.) Rare 1
Wasp Rare 1
Sledgehammer Rare 1
Growl Rare 1
Hardcore Rare 1
Goblin Rare 2
Buzzsaw Rare 2
Boom Rare 2
Blastoff Rare 2
Studded wheel Rare 3
Chained wheel Rare 3
Big G Rare 4
Lunatic standard (2h.) Epic 5
Thunderbolt Epic 5
Cricket Epic 5
Druzhba 2 Epic 6
Lancelot Epic 6
Hermes Epic 6
Fuze Epic 7
Hot red Epic 7
Shiver Epic 7
Gasgen Epic 8
Small track Epic 8
Blueprint storage Relic 9
Storage expansion Legendary 9
Hammerfall Legendary 9
Harvester Legendary 12

Vehicles blueprints

Level Vehicle
1 Quickdraw
5 Leech
7 Kaboom
10 Rrrocket
13 Slasher
15 Beast
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