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Wasteland of Wonders This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Wasteland of Wonders».

Lucky paw (rus. Счастливая лапка) is a resource in Crossout.


This little cat, waving his paw to everyone in a friendly manner, can bring great riches to its most fortunate owners.

Disappear after the event ends


  • Issued for completing daily challenges during the Wasteland of Wonders (February 2024) event:
    • 1 × Lucky paw – Complete 5 battles in missions, raids or brawls.
    • 2 × Lucky paw – Start crafting 1 rare or rarer part.
    • 3 × Lucky paw – Salvage or discard 1 part of any rarity in storage.
    • 4 × Lucky paw – Spend 100 × Engineer badgeengineer badges.
    • 5 × Lucky paw – Purchase or sell any item worth more than 60 Coinscoins on the market 2 times.