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Low clearance ST (rus. Низкий просвет (пов.)) is a Rare wheel in Crossout.


A batch of small-sized wheels with wear-resistant rubber and excellent traction were brought to the "Steel Championship 2051" by the Lunatics as a gift to the leader of the Scavengers. Collector Scar AB was so delighted with the wheels and their low suspension so rare for the Wasteland, that he couldn't stay indebted and let Paris from Psycho Pete's gang become another commentator for the tournament. Each mounted wheel reduces cabin power.


  • Part of the following packs:
  • Buy at the market.


  • Reliability
    • Durability +10%
    • Mass -17%
    • Resistance to all damage +10%
  • Handling
    • Tonnage +5%
    • Power penalty reduced by 15%
    • Surface traction +25%