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The pack includes:


  • Buy at store (currently unavailable).
  • Buy at in-game shop for 169 Crosscrownscrosscrowns (during promotions).
  • Tournaments.


The knechte first met the Baron at dawn. He stepped onto the road from the direction of the rising sun, and the air trembled with a haze over the hot sands behind him. His face was covered in fresh wounds, and his chest was crossed out with a half-empty bandolier. Ammo belts wriggled around his left hand like metal snakes, and his right hand gripped a bullet-torn banner.

They almost filled the stranger with lead when he approached their leader, but Martin stopped them with a gesture and looked intently into the eyes of the strange soldier. Nobody knows what he saw there, but the Wasteland Baron, called so because of the invariable iron crown on his head, was immediately appointed an officer and marched to the leader's right. Needless to say, in subsequent battles, Martin never regretted his decision.