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LM-54 Chord (rus. П-54М Аккорд) is a Common rarity weapon in Crossout.


Great against weak points.

Allows to quickly dispatch enemies at medium range.



The weapon can be instantly crafted at Engineer workbench of Engineers faction.

30 × Scrap metalScrap metal
6 × CopperCopper



The LM-54 is a light machine gun mounted to a turret frame. The gun itself looks to be a Logicer LMG with a large cooling sleeve. A wooden handle at the back of the gun presumably allows operators to aim manually. A motor with a rebar axle holds the gun in place and allows elevation control, this motor is held to the azimuth drive by thin rusted plates. An ammo box with a large belt plugs from the side of the mount into the actual firing chamber, allowing large amounts of ammo to be fired without reload (even if the reload doesn't actually exist in game).

The base of the weapon is made of a collection of curved metal plates impaled and held together by rebar and jittered placement of bolts.


  • Rework of the machine gun in update 0.13.70 could result in error in already assembles armored cars if model of machine guns and nearby parts were intercrossing. Then Chord had to be moved to another position.
  • Its the first and only machine gun of this rarity, and the second one after the SM HornetSM Hornet machine gun to be given to the players.


  • Weapon's model is very similar to Belgian machine gun FN 30 infantry edition.