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Closed in themselves, the bollards are nevertheless ready to issue assignments to the locals and pay them with their own currency, thalers. Why do we need their currency, you ask? To buy their products, of course! And their products are very interesting ...

First, the paint. Players will be able to apply on their cars heraldry, with which the knights of the old days decorated the blankets of their battle horses: crosses, red-yellow stripes and eagles. Secondly, the decor and wheels are also in a knightly style. And, of course, their famous "Hunting Horn". It emits a deep twang in the best traditions of German hunting. The sound of this horn will forever be remembered by those who met a squad of bollards. And he was able to leave alive.

But the main thing that distinguishes the bollards from other survivors and how they scare away packs of raiders is their terrible crossbows, piercing the armor with huge arrows, like needles. You will be able to get them along with the bollard equipment.

Good luck on the road, knights!