The 'Junkbow' is a special rarity weapon in Crossout.




-Damage of 1 Junkbow, if every shrapnel connects, is 137 (which it's very high, if compared to four not increased shots from "Thunderbolt" shotgun that deals 136).

-reload of Junkbow is 2.5 seconds.

-Junkbow don't uses any cooling factors, because this weapon don't cool down, it reloads, so using coolers/radiators with it is useless.

-maximum range of Junkbow is similar to maximum range of "Skinner" harpoon, but effective range starts somewhere in 3/4 of maximum (depends on how big enemy build is).


General: stay as close as possible, and focus first on enemy weapons, then on movement. Try to find lone, sniper builds, because your best target is a lone tank with slowly rotating cannons. Don't rush open fields, the effective range of Junkbows is almost contact, so try to always be close to or behind cover. Best hardware/other armament for Junkbow are chameleon module, and harpoon, but weapons that heats up can also be used very effectively.

For light and fast builds: It is best to place Junkbows in a line parallel to the direction of movement, so Junkbows can shoot both left and right, thanks to that you can circle around the enemy, or get side by side without wasting any of your Junkbows.

For heavy and slow builds: Try to place them at the front or bottom of your vehicle, covered, so they will not be shot off easily, and remember that they need time to reload.

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