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We all had to stay home alone. But not Maxine. Even in her early childhood, she decided to always keep a walkie-talkie with her. None of the parents could remember when exactly the child got this thing. Nevertheless, the let her keep the radio — what's wrong about a kid being interested in technology?
The voice came from the radio only at night. It told Maxine amazing stories: about stars shimmering in the sky, worlds without mankind, and about formidable unknown ships that had to be watched.
The quiet life came to an end in a couple of years, when the voice ordered Maxine to smash all the TVs in the house and escape to the forest, fleeing from something terrible that would soon come. It was hard to find the girl.
The final decision about her fate was made when Maxine refused to return and give away the radio. Obeying the will of her parents, she checked into a clinic far from the city, where she encountered crossout. Was this what the voice warned her about?
Much blood has flown under the bridge since then. The voice became different, and now Maxine is different too. But they are always together. Over the years, the voice's requests become stranger and stranger, but Maxine trusts her old friend and always waits for it to warn her about something terrible again. It's amazing how tenacious batteries are in old radios...



  • The character from the portrait is probably based on the main hero of anime "Durarara!!".