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Impeller (rus. Импеллер) is an Epic movement component of armored vehicle chassis in Crossout.


  • Stabilizes the flight of the main rotors and increases yaw rate of armoured aircraft.
  • For acivation, requires at least one main or coaxial rotor to be mounted.



• Durability +10%
• Mass -17%
• Resistance to all damage +10%


  • Part's name is a reference to Mi-28 which is decribed in aviation as "screw in a ring". In the case of helicopters, this is a closed tail rotor installed in a special profiled channel built into the tail fin of the helicopter; by Eurocopter this design is registered as “fenestron”.
  • It is vaguely similar to a fragment of the steering beam, together with the tail rotor, of the Russian Ka-60 helicopter, judging by a little rough semi-ring shape and the blades. There are no characteristic signs of similarity with K-60 (number of blades, shape of beam elements).
    • On the K-60, the tail rotor is of the “fenestron” type, similar in appearance to helicopters Eurocopter with fenestron.