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Hyperborea is a faction in Crossout.


Hyperborea logo

The inhabitants of the north, who were previously cut off from the world by deadly anomalies. The Mentor, in his exile, found a way to bypass them and discovered the lands, which will be called "Hyperborea" in the Valley.

They recycle scrap metal in foundries, producing standardised parts. Actively use drones both to seatch for supplies and in combat.




Having escaped after a crushing defeat from the Brotherhood and the Kaganate, the Mentor wandered through the Wasteland for a long time, going further and further north. The old man was looking for old military bases that would allow him to regain power and influence. But the north has prepared quite different surprises for the Mentor.

Hyperborea was a civilized and technological society formed after the Crossout from the northern peoples and tribes. Their effectiveness amazed the Mentor. Thanks to his experience and knowledge, he quickly managed to join their ranks. But the old man’s main trump card was his staff, created from a spherical device that he found in one of the northern laboratories of the “Waderkvarn” corporation. The device not only contained data about the company’s technologies, but also stored information on how to disable the anomaly that had been holding Hyperboreans back in the north for many years.

In just a couple of years, the former leader of Engineers became a high-ranking member of Hyperborea, but old grievances and ideas still haunted him. The superstitious inhabitants of the north saw in him a symbol of hope, the reincarnation of an ancient shaman named Noaidi, who came to save their people from imminent death. But he himself saw in the Northerners only an example of an ideal structure: the society that the Mentor wanted to create in the “promised lands” — a fertile and full of life Valley.