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Humpback (rus. Горбун) is an Epic heavy cabin in Crossout.


The base of the armoured car that defines its basic characteristics.

One of the biggest cabins in the Wasteland. This time size definitely matters.



The cabin can be crafted at Camp workshop upon reaching level 8 of Steppenwolfs faction. Production time is 6 hours, boost - 20 × Coins.

100 × Scrap metalScrap metal
150 × CopperCopper
200 × WiresWires
100 × PlasticPlastic
15 × CoinsCoins
1 × JawbreakerJawbreaker
2 × APC wheelAPC wheel
1 × RazorbackRazorback

Snowstorm This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Snowstorm».
Lost and Found Explosives 0.13.30
650 × Scrap metalScrap metal
800 × CopperCopper
200 × WiresWires
80 × PlasticPlastic
75 × CrackersCrackers
2 × HumpbackHumpback
Reliability — Mass -17%
Power — Delay before self-destruction -20%
Handling — Mass limit +10%

Road to Singularity This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Road to Singularity».
Special workbench 2.6.0
250 × LightersLighters
Reliability — Mass -17%
Power — Self-destruсt damage +10%
Handling — Mass limit +10%


  • Reliability
    • Durability +10%
    • Mass -17%
    • Resistance to all damage +10%
  • Power
    • Built-in radar radius +200m
    • Maximum speed +3km/h
    • Time to self-destruction -30%
  • Handling
    • Power +20%
    • Cabin tonnage +10%
    • Mass limit +10%


Story of the cabin[]


Getting a blueprint from the Steppenwolfs by earning their trust is a rare success, no less than a chance to work in their camp workshop. And these rogue soldiers have a special relationship with the cabin “Humpback”.

I was taken to the workshop quickly. The pockmarked technician nodded at the workbenches and several storage areas with parts.

— You're gonna work here, everything you need and some more stuff is over there. If you want to check something — a working “Humpback” is right there, one of ours brought it in for repairs. You can look, but don't try to take anything. The conversation is usually short with Elvina.

I nodded and headed toward the hackneyed “Humpback”. The technician went off towards the warehouse.

Inside, the “Humpback” turned out to be cozy — a rarity for combat cabins. Several reinforced crates were welded to the walls, probably, with personal belongings inside. One was broken, its contents were apparently shoved back. Everything except the shabby recorder lying on the floor with the Steppenwolf seal, the letter “E” and the mark “No. 67”.

Mother said that curiosity killed a cat, but I was lucky. I brought the recorder to my ear, pressed the button. A quiet female voice came from the dusty speaker:

“... thirty-six. No raiders in sight, but we are ready at any time. These bastards are carrying people, carpet bombing will not work.

The personnel is intact. I see Gunther higher on the cliff. He will let us know if he sees incoming raiders.

Tomasz is talking to the rookie. The newbie is not yet used to the new role. He was thrown out by his own when his eyes twitched with a shining green. It's fine, we're all like this here.

I grew accustomed to the “Humpback” faster than I expected. Yes, he's a big guy, but with a name like that how can you not trust him? So many memories... Sometimes I touch the dash, the steering wheel — and it almost feels like a living shoulder under the fingers.

We remember you, friend. I hope that wherever you are now, you feel good, rested and never have to hide your face. You are long gone, yet the Wasteland hears your name. We remember what you did for us and...”

I turned off the recorder and put it in the container. Enough of other people's sorrows, it’s time to get to work.



  • Prototype for Humpback is cabin of Soviet military truck MAZ-537.