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The pack includes:


A battle car pilot Caleb Virkist was wounded in the head during a peacekeeping mission in one of the hot spots. His physical health recovered, but Caleb could not fulyy recover mentally and was dismissed with honor from the armed forces.
He could only find work as a taxi driver, but eventually fell in love with his job and his car.
Combat skills helped him survive the catastrophe and even take a few passengers to a safe place. In the first days after the disaster, he went to the city to save civilians again and again, but every clash with looters caused irreparable damage to his psyche. Caleb grew increasingly disappointed in humanity. Gradually, he began to forget words and was increasingly prone to fits of uncontrolable rage. After one of these attacks, he wandered alone in the Wasteland, where he disappeared without a trace.
A few years later, rumours began circulating about a madman named Caliban, who attacks travelers by an abandoned landfill and drives the corpses of his victims in the passenger seat of his black-and-orange car. And when even the skeleton crumbles, he goes in search of a new companion.
They say that his car was seen nearby.


  • This pack might be a reference to movie "Taxi Driver" by Martin Scorsese: main hero of the movie and the character from the portrait are both taxi drivers, both served in army, both mentally not stable. Main hero of the movie played by Robert De Niro also has a mohawk.