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Steel Championship This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Steel Championship».

"Goat" hand (rus. Рука Коза) is a Special decoration for changing the appearance of an armored vehicle in Crossout.


A foam hand for those who like too fast driving, loud music and having a blast!

  • Does not stop the blast wave.
  • Increases reputation gain by 3%.


  • Exclusive item of event Steel Championship.
    • 2018 - reward for challenge Series of penalty (win 15 battles in special brawl).
    • 2020 - craft at Fan Tent workbench.
    • 2022 - rewarded at level 16 while having bought the battle pass.
  • Buy at the market.
  • Randomly at opening of Fan containerFan container.


Fan Tent 0.11.50
300 × Scrap metalScrap metal
300 × CopperCopper
100 × WiresWires
100 × PlasticPlastic