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Frontier Defence is a raid in Crossout.

Frontier Defense icon

Survivor! Raiders captured the mining station and are waiting for reinforcements. It is necessary to beat off the object and hold it. Caution, raiders installed automatic turrets. But they can be easily repaired after destruction and used for protection!

Only experienced drivers and veteran veterans can go on this dangerous raid. In order to recapture and defend the tower, they will have to withstand the onslaught of three waves of raiders. At the end of each phase, those who are not scared will face a difficult battle with the leader.

  • Raiders prepared for defense and placed turrets around the tower they had captured, which complicates the task for survivors. But you can fight it. Destruction of enemy turrets and raiders will give brave drivers details, due to which they will be able to strengthen their positions:
  • Destruction of the turret - 20 parts;
  • Destruction of an ordinary raider - 10 parts;
  • Destruction of an elite raider - 25 parts;
  • Destruction of the leader - 100 parts.
  • Only 60 details will be enough for survivors to restore and reprogram the destroyed Raider Turret in the heat of battle. After this, the opponents will have a hard time!
  • Everyone will get into the battle, including reprogrammed turrets. But vigilant drivers will be able to fix them with the help of parts. The more severe the turret is damaged, the more resources will be needed to restore it.
  • Also, inventive survivors will be able to improve their turrets if the structure of the structures is not damaged:
  • The 2nd level of the turret (100 parts) increases its structure and damage by 1.5 times;
  • The 3rd level of the turret (160 parts) once again increases its structure and damage by 1.5 times.
  • If the turret was destroyed at the height of the battle, it can be set again. Details will be needed for this as much as the survivors spent on its last improvement before destruction. Thanks to the efforts of the Wasteland engineers, after reinstalling the turret retains all the improvements.
  • After capturing the tower, players are shown the counter of waves of enemies.
  • The raid will be available only on the medium-average raid and the difficult difficulty raid.