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Founders Canyon is a location in Crossout.


One of the militarist-religious groups, founded after the fall of the old world, was called the Founders. For several years of existence, the Founders have gathered under their banners many survivors and tremendous wealth. But internal contradictions and a protracted war with the Mechanics led them to death.

The top hierarchy of the Founders was a very closed caste, they lived apart from the rest of the followers, which also aroused the anger of the uninitiated. But when crowds of armed rebels broke into their territory, they found only strange constructions and symbols, huge unfinished statues, but not a single living leader. In anger and fear, the crowd destroyed everything that could be reached, but did not find anything valuable.

And then there was a loud prolonged sound, huge faces seemed to come alive and began to pronounce the prophecies in different languages. People fled in panic. It later turned out that the Founders Canyon had left far fewer rebels than had come there. Someone missed a friend, someone a brother. At least, such a story is told in a whisper by the fire on cold, moonless nights. And yet, the legend of the damned treasures of the Founders is too often mentioned in folklore to be just an invention. To this day, brave souls are now and then sent on a treasure hunt to this strange place, but few of them return.