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Fortress is a location in Crossout.


Already about seven years ago, the Valley became livable, but the people did not settle down close to the Burial ground. Not good there: headache, hard, I want to leave. And no one knows why this is, as they do not know why the Tombstone suddenly ceased to poison the earth around with its invisible poison.

So there was a fortress on the hill, forgotten by everyone until a couple of teenagers settled there, and it was normal for them. Apparently, radiation has a weaker effect on children. Or in a different way ... Having settled here, the brothers quickly made a gang of the same orphaned, reckless, and began to attack the neighboring villages and caravans. And they got farther and farther from the center of the Valley, and they saved up weapons and forces, and brought treasures to the fortress, where no one could get them. At first they got away with it, until the brothers arranged a real slaughter in a village near Centralla. As if the demon moved into them, no one was spared ...

And then the Mechanics could no longer stand, they concluded a truce with other gangs in order to punish the common enemy. The forecaster himself then led a squad of sixty cars. They could not come close, but the artillery worked so hard that only a few walls remained from the fortress. And all those who fled were caught and executed on the spot.

Only the brothers were never found, they are said to have retreated to the Cemetery.

Since then, attention has been paid to the fortress, everyone there is looking for treasures left over from the brothers. Especially in recent times, when it has ceased to stir up on the approaches to it. Only there is nothing there, apparently, the brothers took the treasure with them to the next world.