"With faith in our hearts and fire in our hands"

Faction led by Odegon (Supreme Shaman)

The caste responsible for ideological processing and control of the masses. Ruthlessly burns dissenters with fire. Nobody really knows whether they practice actual magic, but those who dare to question it publicly disappear never to be seen again.

Crafting recipes (in links)

Item Rarity Level
Firestarter flag (3d.) Rare 1
Bat Rare 1
Junkbow Rare 2
Shiv Rare 3
Firestarter standard (2h.) Epic 5
Bigfoot Epic 5
Tormentor Epic 6
Phoenix Epic 6
Oppressor Epic 7
Blueprint storage Legendary 9
Storage expansion Legendary 9
Draco Legendary 10
Nidhogg Legendary 11
Fortune Legendary 12

Vehicles blueprints

Level Vehicle
1 Manticore
5 Rakshasa
7 Basilisk
10 Genie
13 Vendigo
15 Ifrit
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