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Firestarters is a faction in Crossout.

Firestarters logo

The caste responsible for ideological processing and control of the masses. Ruthlessly burns dissenters with fire. Nobody really knows whether they practice actual magic, but those who dare to question it publicly disappear never to be seen again.


When Khan began to unite the numerous gangs, he faced the problem of ideological unity among the half-crazed raiders. He had to find something that everyone would fear more than death. Instead of inventing something new, he turned to witches, sorcerers and other psychics already existing in the mass consciousness (and newly appeared in wastelands after the disaster).

He personally met with several of them and made an offer to everyone, which was impossible to refuse. Thus began to form a caste, responsible for ideological work with the masses. In a few years the number of Firestarters increased. Now each unit has at least one mobile tent, or a mortar, or a cauldron, or at least a crystal ball, through which they contact the beyond. And control raiders.

And to ensure security in the material world, each such car has an elite guard unit.

It is by no means a fact that Firestarters possess some kind of supernatural abilities. But they do have a talent for presentation! Former actors, musicians, and just crooks with conspicuous looks and sufficient courage form the backbone of this faction.


Level Required XP Total XP
1 0 0
2 34,000 34,000
3 57,500 91,500
4 89,500 181,000
5 125,500 306,500
6 161,500 468,000
7 203,000 671,000
8 251,000 922,000
9 305,000 1,227,000
10 390,000 1,617,000
11 495,000 2,112,000
12 615,000 2,727,000
13 740,000 3,467,000
14 890,000 4,357,000
15 1,070,000 5,427,000
Prestige 1,070,000 6,497,000


Portal Odegon

Faction leader

Odegon was probably born in 2010.

To survive in the new world, to protect and feed herself, the middle-aged actress reincarnated as a witch.

The first years after the disaster survived alone. She built herself a hut on stilts, surrounded it with a palisade of skulls. Even the fiercest raiders avoided her. She performed some rituals there. Served someone, made sacrifices.

Until Khan himself came to her alone and unarmed. They already left the hut together. Since then, the witch has become Khan's advisor on various issues. She moved to the headquarters, but prefers not to stay in one place for a long time. They say that by abandoning the hut on chicken legs, she betrayed the one she served. And he pursues her, forcing her to constantly move.

No one knows for sure if the witch has any magical powers, but no one wants to mess with her. If only because Khan is personally interested in her fate.


The most reckognizable part of Odegon's appearance is the steel animal on her head, with what looks like wires (might be hair) coming out of it. She has a gas torch as an accesory, along with a small pistol in her second hand. She's also wearing an orange shirt, brown pants, long, brown gloves and knee-high boots on medium heels with sharp metal parts on them, as well as on her whole body. She has glowing yellow eyes and tiger-like stripes on her head. Obviously there is a lot of additional protection on her whole suit.

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