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The chemical plant, providing jobs and housing for hundreds of people, soon after the catastrophe turned into an oozing acid ulcer on the surface of the valley. But in the abandoned buildings and in numerous underground vaults you can still find items that are so necessary for survival and trade.

Not all former workers died or fled, some brave souls remained to live nearby, trying to adapt to the new world. Unable to stop the emissions of harmful substances, they decided to use them for survival, the production of fertilizers and weapons, and succeeded in this. Soon the settlement grew and could thrive on acid processing and mining from warehouses, if not for the constant attacks of the raiders.

Located far enough south of Mogilnik, far from its deadly radiation, the chemical plant has always attracted marauders who hoped to find explosives or other deadly substances there.

Now the territory of the plant has turned into a place of constant clashes. Narrow passages between the hills can become a trap for a lonely raider, and once on the shore of a deadly acid lake, the player risks falling into the epicenter of the battle. And even if he manages to get out alive, you shouldn’t relax for a minute so as not to become a victim of snipers hiding on hilltops and hunting for surviving single armored vehicles.