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The “Experiment” mission is available from reputation level 4 with the Engineers faction.

The main feature of the mode is the familiar mechanic of repairing an armored car. Let us remind you of the basic principles of this mechanic:

  • Entering repair mode is done by pressing the “R” key (by default, you can assign another key in the control settings).
  • Entering repair mode takes 2 seconds. At any time you can exit it by pressing the same key or one of the weapon groups keys, but it will also take 2 seconds.
  • Any damage received, as well as the attached harpoons of the enemy “Skinners” and “Kapkans”, automatically interrupt the repair process.
  • Repair cannot be started after activation of self-destruction.
  • During repair:
    • The player cannot control the armoured vehicle.
    • Melee weapons and suspension parts do not deal damage to opponents during the repair process.
    • During repairs, the effect of stealth is disabled, your own and allied harpoons are unhooked and the “Contact 2M” docking module is disconnected.
  • The repair procedure is as follows:
    • First, the parts belonging to the categories “Movement” and “Frame” are repaired.
    • Then your weapons are repaired.
    • All other parts, including hardware, structural parts and decor, are repaired last.
    • The order of repair within each category is determined by how close the parts are to the cabin. Parts located far from the cabin will be repaired later than all others.
    • First, the part is repaired with 0 durability. Then its durability is gradually restored to 100%. Immediately after this, repair of the next part in queue begins.
  • The higher the rarity of the vehicle's cabin, the faster the repair of the car.
  • For penetrable parts and parts that are resistant to certain types of damage, there are modifiers to their repair speed, since the “effective durability” of such parts is higher than that of conventional parts.
  • After the repair, all explosive parts (generators, barrels, spears, ammunition) no longer explode. The appearance of the repaired explosive spears may differ from the original.
  • After the repair, the number of shells of your weapon is not restored.
  • Repaired ammunition modules no longer increase your weapon’s ammunition.
  • Repaired generator modules no longer provide additional points of energy.
  • Repaired fuel barrels and tanks do not give you fuel, even after the successful completion of the battle.

Attention! In the “Experiment” mode, destroyed enemies are guaranteed to drop ammo packs that you can pick up.

For participating in this new mission, you can get unique themed stickers:

Take part in
5 battles
Take part in
10 battles
Take part in
20 battles