Few people voluntarily go to the western wastelands. But not only heat, dust storms, landslides and raider attacks scare travelers. Perhaps the main danger is the attacks of huge machines driven by ruthless AI.

Attracted by the sounds of the work of heavy machinery, Leviathans, as survivors nicknamed them, often attack mining complexes and caravans.

Merchants are willing to fork out to ensure the safety of the routes, and pay a lot of money for the black boxes of leviathans taken from their charred hulls.

The gorge of El Diablo more often than other places is attacked by mechanical monsters and brings a steady income to enterprising mercenaries. Although on the surface of it is only a reinforced tower, something suspicious occurs under a layer of sand. The earth trembles, groans and crashes are heard, lights in the sky are noticeable at night. But why ask extra questions, right?

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