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East Quarter is a location in Crossout.


It was once a vibrant city where financial sharks from all over the world flocked. It was full of business centers and cultural venues. But Crossout turned the flourishing metropolis into an exclusion zone for decades.

Deserted cities have always attracted the Syndicate — the dilapidated infrastructure is easier to adapt to your needs. So here, the “Dragons” occupied two skyscrapers and covered the entire surrounding area with cameras. Strongholds on opposite banks of the dry river created room for maneuvers.

The Syndicate actively mastered electronics, metals and other resources found in abandoned skyscrapers to provide their equipment. Part of the city monorail was restored in order to deliver cargo quickly. Soon the neon which the “Dragons” decorated their territories with illuminated the city. However, the love of decorating buildings played a cruel joke on the faction — they attracted unnecessary attention.

When the Syndicate’s defense systems detected movement once again, the task force began to routinely prepare for the raider attack. But what they saw was very different from their ideas: a lot of ugly vehicles, covered with black cables, were approaching the outpost. None of them had a driver.

A final message to Central Headquarters said the Syndicate began the execution of a “conservation” plan. The squad did not get in contact anymore. And rumors about storages clogged with electronics and left unprotected soon attracted the attention of all those hungry for profit.