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Drone Day This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Drone Day».

Dronapocalypse is a brawl in Crossout.


Dronapocalypse icon

The dronapocalypse has come to the Wasteland. Become a drone! Fight like a drone! Protect your leviathan and destroy the enemy one. Let the fun begin!

Main Features of the Brawl[]

  • The battle takes place in the format “8 vs 8”.
  • The team that defeats the enemy Leviathan wins the battle. If at the end of the allotted time, no team destroyed the enemy Leviathan, then the one whose leviathan has more durability remaining wins. If at the end of the battle both Leviathans have the same amount of durability, then the battle ends in a draw.
  • Survivors use pre-assembled drones in this brawl.
  • This year we have upgraded the leviathans and added drones with new weapons.
  • At the start of each battle, you are automatically given a drone with random weapons.
  • From battle to battle, the leviathans of your or enemy teams may change.
  • The mode has respawns. Before each respawn, you need to choose one of the 5 drones to continue the battle. The shown blueprints are randomly selected. If you fail to select a drone in the allotted time, you will automatically be given one of the five picks.
  • Choose a drone wisely and take into account the current situation on the battlefield. The right choice will help you not only to destroy the enemy leviathan faster, but also to buy more time by controlling your opponents and defending your leviathan.
  • Every year new drones are added and maps updated.