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It's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. And Hammer Tim knew this better than anyone. During the day, he souped up cars in his garage for not entirely legal competitions, and at night he occasionally lucked into some pretty serious business. Then the doors of his garage were carefully locked, and a pair of muscleheads stood watchfully outside.
On nights like these, old “business” friends turned to Tim. Rebuild a car or two, no questions asked. Hammer Tim considered tuning an art, and the night customers paid well. This really gave room to breathe for the artisan, who felt restricted by modest budgets.
It's nice when the car you built wins in competitions. But what's even better is to get behind the wheel and win yourself. Yet, this calls for quite a special car. Hammer Time spent a long time looking for it. And when he found it, not even the car plant checkpoint could stop him. It was a prototype that Tim hijacked and transformed.
And this is how it went, and then the world turned upside down. Cross cars were no longer in favour, and he had to tack on machine guns and spiked wheels to stay in the business. Fortunately for Tim, people still love tricking out cars and competing with each other.