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Desert Valley is a location in Crossout.


Mysterious place, covered with sand and stones. A particularly dangerous zone has formed around the wreckage, which so attracts adventurers and survivors.

Well, where is the bartender, when is he needed? What else to do the old warrior, about which no one will remember, happen what? Drink and stories bait ... Do you know in the southeast of the Desert valley, where is the outpost of the Frenzied? Well, through which they carry fuel here? There is scrap metal, fragments of old equipment ... Where the Land of the Frenzy is slowly moving into the southern wastelands in the south, where only the lost and roll. You know who does not know her ...

It's all there now neatly, with a sand sprinkled with powder, Pete's guys arrange pokatushki in the evenings in the dunes, adapted helicopter cabins for housing, and from which so much iron they have no idea. Listen, it means.

He who was in the south, knows that now there are constant storms - the sand is the only way it flies, it clogs everywhere, it crunches on its teeth - even under the mask. Well, here, an airplane flew over that valley once. Highly secret. Something eggheads urgently wanted to take out of the laboratory in the south. Some kind of dangerous cargo ... It is even said that it is not from our planet at all. Yes, the time, you see, was chosen poorly - just a sandstorm hit the storm. But it was not an easy storm, I reply. Never before has there been such a thing, neither the lightning of orange, nor the whirlwinds of such intricate. I think these scientists themselves lured her. How - I do not know, do not ask.

After 5 hours, when the storm subsided, helicopters flew there, and then wheeled vehicles were overtaken. Tried to get at least something from the wreckage. Send a command, and they do not return. Send drones - they go crazy. They set up a tent camp nearby, began to settle down seriously, and here they really sank ...

Only now a little sand blown apart by the wind, steel fragments are visible. And when an old garbage man — my mentor — told me this, it was just a closed area. A column of sand to the sky. And black flashes inside in white, like letters.

Laugh, laugh, little things are pot-bellied. Here I die, and no one will know how it was ... Yes, where is the bartender already!


Map appearance was changed in update 0.13.90.