Scavengers offer a new contract for escorting an armored car in the area of ​​abandoned megalopolises of the North. The ones that were blocked by military units for a long time. For a long time, the convoys of the Bronefur passed through this route unobstructed near the destroyed high-speed highways of megalopolises. But now abandoned checkpoints of the military occupied groups of raiders. The gangs are well prepared. Use heavy equipment and stationary rocket launchers.

Recall that the giant conglomeration of mega-cities of the North, created shortly before the disaster, is still virtually inaccessible for survivors. We still do not know what happened there, in the central part of this gigantic industrial region. Only a few residents of the outskirts could escape, having had time to leave the dangerous area before all the roads turned into traps and endless traffic jams.


The Dead Highway is made from the remains of many ruined highways with many collapsed due to the war. During a mission, players will start out at either on the main interstate or near a ruined bridge. Along parts of the ruined interstate, bandits have set up makeshift structures to block caravans or any strays that wander near.

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