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"Copperhead" Stadium is a location in Crossout.


On the territory of the training ground, in addition to the standard areas for testing an armored car and construction, there is a full-fledged racing track and a shooting range with targets.


Built around the ruins of several destroyed stadiums. The center stadium contain the player garage. The central stadium appear to be the remains of a pre-war monster truck arena, given out by the large ramps on the ground. A target range is built around the parking lot next to the center stadium. Bot cars can are located at the stadium north of the central stadium.


Players along with friends can partake in many activities around the area.

Racing: Race yourself or your friends around a winding series of hills, gaps, and hazards.

Target practice: Test the power of your weapons on a target stand. Test the damage output of your weapons on a steel ball target.



• To the southern most part of the map passed the river a cartoonish looking tire spinning in a burn-out can be seen.