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Weapons are the necessary accessories every vehicle in Crossout needs. They range from miniguns to chainsaws.

Machine Guns Machine Guns[]

Machine guns are good at close to medium range. Their high rate of fire combined with their agility makes them ideal for sustained damage.

Shotguns Shotguns[]

Shotguns have high damage at close range.

Autocannons Autocannons[]

Autocannons are good at all ranges, but their advantage is better at long range. Medium damage combined with good firing range makes them preferred by all players.

Cannons Cannons[]

Cannons can be used for different purposes. Either stick to a long distance and wait for the perfect shot, or drive straight ahead. The ammo capacity is limited, but each projectile deals significant damage.

Rocket Launchers Rocket Launchers[]

Difficult to use: the missiles have low accuracy and medium range, it takes time to fire a salvo, and lacks strength and is rather large. However, the huge total damage of the salvo with a good rate of fire and energy consumption makes them extremely dangerous.

Grenade Launchers Grenade Launchers[]

Very difficult to handle. The projectile flies slowly and close, and along a very steep trajectory. Their size is not very strong. However, the good rate of fire and high damage generate huge damage per second. Therefore, in the hands of an experienced player, grenade launchers can be an excellent weapon.

Energy Weapons Energy Weapons[]

These weapons shoot out deadly blasts of energy towards the enemy.

Crossbows Crossbows[]

Very accurate, but not very long-range weapon. Shoots deadly bolts with massive momentum.

Melee Weapons Melee Weapons[]

These weapons need to have direct contact with the enemy to deal damage. They also have lots of HP and Damage.

Flame Weapons Flame Weapons[]

The jet of flame strikes several parts at once and deals huge damage. Overheats for a long time, and then cools down for a long time.

Cryogenic Weapons Cryogenic Weapons[]

Cryogenic damage type freezes attacked parts. As the degree of freezing increases, the part loses all of its resistance and damage reduction bonuses, including damage protection bonuses from the various perks of other parts and the ability to be shot through, as well as the damage absorption effect of defence modules.

Minelayers Minelayers[]

They leave objects with incendiary liquid, explosives or a harpoon in the enemy's path. The first two (Fortune, Porcupine) are capable of inflicting damage on the enemy (as well as the player's armored car), and the Trap clings to the enemy and holds him in place.

Disk Launchers Disk Launchers[]

Sharpened discs may stuck on the ground, work like mines or hit the enemy directly.

Drones Disk Launchers Disk Launchers Drones Drones[]

Special modules equipped with artificial intelligence.

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