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Raid is a game mode (PvE) in which everyone must make every effort to achieve a common goal. Therefore, to acquire rewards it is not enough just to get a lot of reputation, you need to perform certain actions that are key to achieving the overall success of the raid.

This mode is the only way to get such resources as Coppercopper, Plasticplastic and Electronicselectronics, not counting purchases at the market and event rewards.

In the raids you can meet a variety of machines of the enemies "Raiders".

Raid types, conditions for participation and rewards
Mission Fuel Level PS Rewards
Easy Raid icon
20 × Fuel
Level 4I
1 pc.I
Medium Raid icon
40 × Fuel
Level 10I
PS 4000
1 pc.I
1 pc.I
Hard Raid icon
60 × Fuel
Level 5I
PS 5000
1 pc.I
1 pc.I
Invasion icon
40 × Fuel
Level 10I
PS 4000
1 pc.I

Raid Types[]

The War for Fire
The War for Fire icon
Data Theft
Data Theft icon
Perimeter Breach
Perimeter Breach icon
Frontier Defence
Frontier Defense icon
The Last Convoy
The Last Convoy icon
Hit and Run!
Hit and Run! icon
Gone in Two Minutes
Gone in Two Minutes icon
Steel Cradle
Steel Cradle icon

Temporaty raid Mad Chase
Available from May 23 until May 28, 2024.

Temporary raid Northern Justice
Available only during Frostbite Assault season pass.

Temporary raid Rise of the Machines
Available only during New Year 2024 event.

Temporary mode Chase

Chase icon
The mode is the reverse of "Escort", only in this case, the players must catch up with 2 enemy trucks and destroy them. Trucks are accompanied by 6 strong vehicles and many more ordinary raiders.


Invasion icon
Raiders are attacking our towers, and this time they brought giant mechanical monsters with them. Destroy them!

Each wave is a Leviathan assembled by the player, whose power score is selected according to the team's power score, and two weak but strong raiders. The latter are of interest to beginners who are not yet able to deal much damage to the Leviathan.

The Leviathans' fighting style is similar: they drive in circles, avoiding rocks and sometimes approaching the tower. In most cases, they are dangerous at medium to long range, so you should not fight with melee weapons, nor should you install them on the Leviathan during assembly. Victory is achieved only when all three Leviathans are destroyed. Defeat - when the tower attacked by the raiders is destroyed or when the team is completely destroyed.

The player must earn 6 points. Killing a bot gives 2 points, assist - 1. The player must destroy one leviathan or participate in its destruction.


Defence icon
A small gang of raiders attacked our towers. And we spent so much effort on their repair and installation. Defend towers from waves of enemies.

Players fight off three waves of enemies in a certain order from each of the three oil rigs with a certain amount of health. Sometimes it takes time to move to the next tower.

Victory is achieved only when all enemies are destroyed. Defeat - when the tower attacked by the raiders at the moment is destroyed or when the team is completely destroyed.

The player must earn 6 points. Killing a bot gives 2 points, assist - 1.

Cargo Race[]

Cargo Race icon
Scouts have discovered the site of a recent caravan attack. Not everything has been plundered yet, and there is an opportunity to profit. Your task is to collect 10 containers, but be careful: the area is teeming with Rairers.

All cargoes are pre-located on the map, which sometimes makes it easier for experienced players to collect. However, it should be remembered that each next cargo has at least two new raiders, so in order not to be surrounded by them, it is worth clearing the area before the next gathering. Then it will be easy to get to the next cargo.

  • It is not recommended play raid on slow vehicles.
  • Time is added for collecting cargo and destroying raiders.
  • Victory is achieved only when collecting all the cargo. Defeat - when time runs out or when the team is completely destroyed.
  • The player must earn 4 points. Killing a mob gives 2 points, an assist 1. Or take one cargo.


Escort icon
For the protection of a convoy carrying a valuable cargo, a reward is credited. But the raiders in this direction are raging in anticipation of prey. Don't let them destroy the cargo. Attention! The farther you are from the truck, the slower it goes!

The raiders are outnumbered, so destroying the waves in time will ensure the truck has a safe path. It will also be useful for the player with the best radar to ride in front of the truck for early detection of the enemy.

Victory is achieved only when the truck is delivered to its destination. Defeat - when the truck is destroyed or when the team is completely destroyed.

During the passage of the raid on the difficulty levels "Medium" and "Difficult", the Survivors will have to fight with the leaders of the raiders who are trying to destroy the truck. Trust me, they won't let you through just like that. Ready all your weapons and fight back against the insolent leaders!

The player must earn 10 points. Killing a bot gives 2 points, assist - 1.


Assault icon
A large gang of raiders has begun developing an oil field on the border of our territories. They equip oil rigs with dangerous automatic weapons systems. Your task is to find and destroy oil rigs.

A good help to the team will be a player with a radar to quickly detect enemies and towers.

When the tower is destroyed, damage should be done to the guns. Their destruction greatly affects the structure of the tower, and you yourself will remain intact. You should not pay too much attention to the raider, because the weapons on the towers are stronger. However, a very large number of raiders should not be allowed.

For the destruction of the tower and for the destruction of the raider, extra time is given.

Victory is achieved only when all the towers are destroyed. Defeat - when time runs out or when the team is completely destroyed.

The player must destroy or participate in the destruction of the tower. Tower turrets count.


Heist icon
Players go to the enemy's lair (with an unlimited number of raiders), pick up the cargo and take it to its destination. The player with the cargo should be covered, since it takes a long time to collect the cargo, and time is limited.

Sometimes a special delay in the delivery of cargo is practiced: the player with the cargo stands at the destination and allows others to kill as many raiders as possible (for example, to complete tasks). This is risky, so it is recommended only for experienced players with combat-ready vehicles.

Victory is achieved only when the cargo is delivered. Defeat - when time runs out or when the team is completely destroyed.

The player must earn 4 points or take the cargo. Killing a bot gives 2 points, assist - 1.


To get a reward in the raids, you must perform significant to win the action. For each such action, special points are awarded, which should not be confused with the points that you see in the interface. The player with the required number of points will receive a reward for the raid.

  • In raids there is a chance of dropping Ammunition after the destruction of AI opponents.
  • Ammunition drops out after the destruction of machines, under the control of AI. Chances to get ammunition are those players who have guns with limited ammunition.    
  • Ammunition can fall out to any player, regardless of their participation in the destruction of the enemy's AI.    
  • When raising "ammunition" replenished partially.   

In order to successfully complete most raids, it is necessary to know and follow the important rule: we first fire off weapons from each bot in the wave, and then destroy unarmed bots. There is a small exception regarding shooting weapons, depending on the fractions and the type of bot. For example, the "Lunatics" have not very strong cars and their raiders are easier to destroy entirely, or to shoot them first wheel. In the Scavengers faction there are raiders with porcupines, it’s better to shoot the wheels first and then destroy the car itself. The priority in disarming, as a rule, are the officers of the raiders (purple labels), and then - the simple raiders.

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