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There are many movement components available to players in Crossout.


Each wheel (except frontal wheels) is composed of 2 types, a regular version, and a steering version (denoted by 'ST'). The steering version of wheels allow you to turn, while regular, or 'Non-Steering' wheels can only move forward or backwards. 'ST' wheels are characterized by a lower tonnage amount then their counterparts.

Frontal Wheels

Frontal wheels can be easier attached to the frame.


Tracks have more strength and load capacity than wheels. They are also capable of turning the armored vehicle in place. However, with all this, the maximum speed is limited.

Mechanical Legs[]

Mechanical legs have low speed but great strength. In addition, they compensate for the recoil and momentum of the explosions of enemy shells. Each installed leg reduces cab power.


These modules allow you to move freely to the side, and also deal contact damage.


These modules allow you to move freely to the side.


The vertical jet engine, or hover, provides stable thrust and allows the car to float above the surface. Each hover installed reduces cab power.


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