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There are currently 10 Factions in the Crossout world. The player starts the game in the Engineers faction and after reaching the 10th level of reputation, it is possible to join one of the other three factions. Switching between factions can be done at any time.

After joining a faction, the survivor must earn trust. In the post-apocalyptic world, this can only be done in combat. Gaining experience in battle, the player increases the reputation within the faction in which he is. A higher level of reputation allows you to use more indestructible fractional parts, and also gives access to the creation of rare parts. In addition, each faction provides several blueprints for faction vehicles, as well as unlocking bonuses to various parts of the vehicle, increasing the size of the warehouse, and so on.


Ivy XO logo

A semi-official organization that seeks to help people survive in the new world. They do not care for riches or ideology, they are doing their best to help everyone equally. However, do not expect much from them. Sometimes they may offer some new parts and blueprints or teach you to control larger vehicles.

They can fix broken equipment, they can create new one. Faction masters can build for you any item obtained in world. And some craftsmen for a reasonable price will build a rare blue part or weapon for you. At their disposal are various workbenches and other useful things in business.

Engineers logo

Mechanics really want to help, which means they try to do everything honestly. The details and mechanisms that their craftsmen create must be not only useful, but also strong and durable. In the pursuit of strength, they can even overdo it a little and sacrifice efficiency. But it's all for the sake of the people, for the good.

The help of mechanics is unquestionable in the early stages, but in order to further develop your armored car, you will need to enter into a contract with more elite factions.


Psycho Pete icon

Lunatic Raiders. Hounds of Chaos. After the cataclysm, when human nature itself began to change, for many it was a strong psychological blow that they could not stand. Throwing off the shackles of civilization, finding refuge in the animal part of their old nature, where the strong devour the weak, where individuals stray into packs led by leaders, they rejected the concept of morality, completely submitting to survival instincts.

Love all that rumbles, explodes and accelerates. They move on buggies assembled from lightweight structures, build rocket launchers, explosive spears and shrapnel shotguns made of old mortars. Their cars are littered with spikes and skulls to intimidate the enemy.

Lunatics logo

Their designs are as light as possible, often everything is removed except for the frame. Lunatics strive for speed.

Their craftsmen will be able to make rare blue parts, epic equipment and weapons, as well as some legendary weapons (Hammerfall, Harvester) for the player if you show that you are worthy of their trust.

The Lunatics faction is indispensable for those who prefer aggressive dynamic combat tactics, however, survivors who prefer a positional style of combat will not hold out in this faction.


Ulysses icon

Retaining too much humanity to be called the Lost, but not humans in the full sense of this word, Nomads explore the most remote areas of Wasteland without fear. Their cars are hybrid designs combining features of airplanes and vintage cars.

Nomads logo

The most neutral faction of all. They act as a kind of buffer between the new humanity and the old. They are shunned, but they use their services, because they can get into the most dangerous places where the path is closed to an ordinary person. These people have already changed enough to hide their appearance behind masks. Of course, the changes also affected their psychology, as well as their attitude and ability to interact with the world on other, subtle levels. These traits make it easier for hulks to be in anomalous zones. The nature of these anomalies is not known to every changed person, let alone ordinary people. Those of the few Changed who understand the nature and mechanics of the anomalies, of course, are in no hurry to share this information. All that is known for certain is that in these zones everything that is capable of changing is changing.

Nomads move around in imposing vehicles with bright colors and deadly weapons. They can be spotted from afar and survivors tend to avoid them.

The Nomads workbench is considered to be one of the most advanced, and as such, they will be able to craft rare, epic, and even some legendary parts for you.

The Nomads faction is suitable for those who appreciate not only the power, but also the appearance of the car.


Scar AB icon

Provide other factions with artifacts of the old world. They unearth old military warehouses, cut into containers, dismantle factories down to the last screw. All that is in working condition is delivered up the "food chain" or sold at the black market. Whatever remains is repairedand mounted on their cars.

Scavengers logo

One of the factions that make up the "Brotherhood". The name of the faction speaks for itself. These guys drag everything that is not nailed down. And if something is nailed, then they tear it off as best they can and, again, drag it with them. Old warehouses and factories are their forte. It is from there that they have a bunch of containers, pipes and weapons, sometimes very outdated, but working. They actively strengthen and refine their products with what they have stolen: pistons from various cranes and bulldozers, parts of factory farms. All products look massive and powerful. The presentable appearance of things does not particularly excite them. Of course, they will not deliberately spoil a valuable, high-tech thing, which, in addition, has avoided any destruction. They will carefully deliver it to one of the special warehouses where the elites of all factions are purchased. But this is an exception to the rule. In a world where devastation and decline reigns, there is always a demand for a wide range of very different things, so the Scavengers trade with everyone.

The appearance of the armored car does not bother them. The main thing for them is power and damage. At the same time, the presence of rust or torn edges on the goods, most buyers do not care at all. People survive as best they can.

Workbenches of this faction will not create low-level parts for you. If scavengers do agree to be creative, they won't waste their time on ordinary things. They will create rare, epic, legendary parts and weapons for you.


Ironhand icon

Elite Squad, executing the most dangerous operations for away from civilization. They have access to resources and technology of the Brotherhood. Can quickly change dislocation, moving over rough terrain. Prefer ranged combat and shooting from behind cover.

"Steppenwolfs" is one of the factions that make up the influential organization "Brotherhood". But if the Scavengers are the lowest caste in the Brotherhood to find resources, then the Wolves are an elite squad performing dangerous missions in difficult conditions far from the center.

Steppenwolfs logo

“Wolves” is the punishing sword of the “Brotherhood”. Now the Wolves are led by Major Eric Stahl, nicknamed Ironhand. He reports directly to the "Headquarters", but begins to doubt the truth of his path. The "headquarters" of the Brotherhood provides them with the most advanced devices and inventions, like the BC-17 Tsunami and Mandrake weapons. Camp workshop is capable of producing no less epic products, for example, the Caucasus automatic defense.

They can quickly change location, moving over rough terrain. They prefer long-range combat and shooting from behind cover.

Dawn's Children[]

Riley icon

A group of scientists led by Riley found a way to withstand the lethal effects of Crossout with hermetically sealed suits. Now they travel through the Wasteland, studying anomalies and developing incredible mechanisms from the artifacts discovered there.

After the catastrophe, some people acquired ingenious abilities for invention. People of intellectual labor were more susceptible to this than others. Therefore, for a time, university campuses, closed cities and large laboratories turned into branches of the world of the future. Until they became more like an amusement park in a lunatic asylum...

Dawn's Children logo

The faction leader is Riley. Almost nothing is known about Riley's life before the disaster, even his gender is in question. Previously, he was the head of one of the laboratories of Waterquarn Corporation. It was he who created the protective overalls that counteract the deadly effects of Crossout. However, a deaf suit does not allow you to see who is inside. There is a version that the one who is inside can no longer be called a human being.

The so-called "gadgeteers" lost their minds faster than the lost ones, fled into the Wasteland, leaving behind unfinished ingenious inventions that often exploded and could rarely be copied. But not everyone went crazy or became victims of their own experiments. A group of scientists led by Riley have found a way to significantly delay the arrival of gadget madness, as well as counter the deadly effects of Crossout ...


Odegon icon

The caste responsible for ideological processing and control of the masses. Ruthlessly burns dissenters with fire. Nobody really knows whether they practice actual magic, but those who dare to question it publicly disappear never to be seen again.

The Firestarters are the second playable faction in the Khaganate. It is they who transmit orders from the Khan to the half-mad raiders and achieve their implementation. And in order to be listened to, they must frighten even the Lunatics, be crazier and more dangerous than them.

Firestarters logo

Each Firestarter creates and maintains his story, just as the shamans of the past sewed their own costume. Many build their reputation on mysticism and connections to the supernatural, but some rely only on strength and cruelty.

It is vital for faction members to be not only effective fighters, but also to look spectacular. Therefore, bright frightening colors, menacing shapes and loud sounds are used.

Territorially, the Firestarters, like the Lunatics, came from the West, crossing the Red Rocks. They have to move a lot to control the squads, so their vehicles are aimed at both speed and long journeys.

When Khan began to unite numerous gangs, he faced the acute problem of ideological unity among the half-mad raiders. It was necessary to find something that everyone would be afraid of more than death. Instead of inventing something new, he turned to witches, sorcerers and other psychics already existing in the mass consciousness (and reappearing in the Wastelands after the disaster).

He personally met with several of them and made each an offer that was impossible to refuse. Thus began to form a caste responsible for the ideological study of the masses.


Eva Lindholm icon

A paramilitary group that's close like a family. Previously part of the Engineers, but has long since separated from them. Treat their vehicles pedantically, build structures for other factions in exchange for goods. Mostly use energy weapons.

Founders logo

Who hasn't heard of the Engineers? Close-knit idealists willing to come to the rescue, give literally everyone a chance at survival. But are their motives that pure? Those who are not afraid of the truth know that in the past the Engineers inspired fear in everyone around. And once their power grew so much that it began to frighten people. Together, other factions overthrew this dictatorship. Mentor, former Leader of the Engineers, officially retired. His position was taken by Ivy, who directed the remnants of the faction along the path of redemption. But not everyone agreed to lay down their arms. There were also those who did not want to play by the rules of others. Soon they will return to the Valley again. Their name is the Founders.


Heavens blade icon

"One will. Common mind."

Syndicate logo

Those who proudly call themselves “Neon Dragon” were once a branch of a Pan-Asian corporation. With Crossout approaching, the attempts to escape its effects have led to the mass cybernetization in their ranks.

The Syndicate uses abandoned high-rise buildings as their bases. Their bright, flamboyant armoured vehicles are visible from afar, and with technically advanced weapons, they quickly proved that the “dragons” are not the ones to be trifled with.


Mentor icon

"Labour is a matter of honour and heroism."

Hyperborea logo

The inhabitants of the north, who were previously cut off from the world by deadly anomalies. The Mentor, in his exile, found a way to bypass them and discovered the lands, which will be called "Hyperborea" in the Valley.

They recycle scrap metal in foundries, producing standardised parts. Actively use drones both to seatch for supplies and in combat.


Ravager Lloyd logo

"Become one!"

Ravagers Ascension

Autonomous machines created before Crossout by the “Waderkvarn" corporation. After the apocalypse, their former employee Lloyd seized access to all data and control of the technology, continuing to improve it.

In order to keep the servers and experiments running, the Ravagers require resources and energy, which forces them to attack survivors and conquer new territories, making them extremely dangerous enemies.

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