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This is a special chain of missions that is accessible from Adventure game mode and that will tell you about some of the secrets of Crossout and about the world in which the game takes place.

Group Missions Main

The list of story missions Contagion icon"Contagion" available in Adventure mode.

1 - Unexpected Allies
2 - Triangulate This
3 - Call for Help
4 - Suspicious Activity
5 - Caged Beast
6 - Black Signal
7 - Promo Campaign
8 - Eternal Fame
  • The first mission becomes available after completing the side-mission “Call for Help”.
  • We remind you that the “Contagion” campaign's tasks can be replayed while in a group. For this, it is necessary that the leader of the group accepting the tasks has not completed them yet. You can also reset the progress of your own story campaign after completing the main tasks.
  • The additional campaign automatically becomes fully available to those players who have completed the Awakening story campaign, if its has not been reset.

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