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Cabs are the most basic building blocks of your armored vehicle. They, along with weapons, set the style of playing on an armored car. Based on this, you should decide in advance which cabin to choose for building an armored car. It depends on the tasks that the player sets before the craft.

Cabins are conventionally divided into three archetypes: light, balanced (medium) and cargo (heavy). Balanced ones are also divided into those that lean towards the light and those that lean towards the heavy.

Lightweight cabins have a higher top speed, lighter weight and dimensions. They are designed to conduct a maneuverable battle without being exposed to fire. Armored vehicles with such cabins are smaller and less noticeable, and a decent speed allows you to drive into the rear.

Cargo cabins are the complete opposite of lightweight. They have a large load capacity and maximum capacity, but generate less energy. At the same time, they have great power, which allows you to install more propellers with less acceleration losses. However, the price for this is low speed and large dimensions.

Balanced cabins are multifunctional and allow for tasks of other archetypes. Their speed still allows for unexpected maneuvers, which cargo craft cannot, and their power generation and carrying capacity are better than those of light ones. If the choice between archetypes is very difficult, it is worth taking a cabin with an average parameters.







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