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Building, rides and decorations can be placed at the range as well as traded at the market.

There are different types of range building elements:

Category: Amusement rides
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Category: Blocks
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Category: Decorations
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Category: Destructible objects
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Category: Building paints
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See this category for complete list of building elements that can be crafted at a workbench.


Update 0.13.90 brought changes into range building system:

  • Now the majority of items for the range can be produced on the “Factions” — “Building” workbench.
    • Common resources and items for the previous rarity range are required to produce these items.
    • Building materials are removed from the game. Building materials that were stored on your account are automatically exchanged for Engineer badges. You can exchange badges for the resources or containers you need in the “Challenges” — “Badge exchange” section.
    • The exchange takes place at the rate of “100 building materials = 20 badges”. In debatable situations, the rounding is always in favor of the player.
  • Now many items for the range can be sold and purchased on the in-game market.
  • Weekly tasks, which were previously rewarded with containers with items for range building, will be unavailable from September 5.
  • Now a container with paints for the range objects can be obtained by recycling common paints.
  • Now, for increasing reputation levels with the “Engineers” faction for the range, only standard “Rusty marks”, training targets and tools for creating a race are rewarded. Accordingly, the starting content of the ranges has been changed.
  • Some extremely rare or unique items for the range will be periodically available in the in-game store for crosscrowns. If an item is tradable, it can also be purchased from another player on the market.
  • Unique items for the range, which were obtained through rating events, cannot be sold or purchased at the market or in the in-game store.

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