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Brawls are special game modes in which players fight each other in battles with unusual rulesets. There are currently four active brawls in the game:

Every Friday, at 00:00 UTC, one of the brawls becomes active and lasts exactly three days - that is, until 00:00 UTC on Monday. Next week, the next brawl from the list becomes active, and so on. For example, if "Artillery" brawl is currently active, then next week you should expect "Mosquitoes!"

This schedule is of informational nature and may be changed. We recommend that you check the time of the Brawls directly in the game.

General Brawls[]

Brawl Level Status
Storm Warning

Storm Warning

Level 10I
Available only in game center
Free for All

Free for All

Level 10I
Available only in game center


Level 10I
Not active
Available only in game center
Big Black Scorpions

Big Black Scorpions

Level 10I
Not active
Available only in game center
Battle Royale

Battle Royale

Level 4I
Not active

Temporary Brawls[]

Witch Hunt[]

Witch Hunt icon

This race features 8 survivors in holiday cars. Your task is to grab the balloons and prevent other survivors from taking them away! If your opponent has the balls, ram him to take them.
The first person to reach 100 points wins.

Christmas Heist 2018[]

Christmas Heist icon2018

Wretched Gronch hates holidays. He stole a lot of gifts and a Christmas tree to destroy it in a ritual. Your objective is to infiltrate his lair, save the Christmas tree, return the gifts and teach Gronch a lesson.

Christmas Heist 2019[]

Christmas Heist icon2019

This time, the wretched Gronch is trying to destroy the festive tree that was erected in Sector EX. And he brought a lot of helpers with him! Your task is to protect the tree from waves of enemies. Hold on as long as you can!


Face-off icon

Two armies in armor will fight at the battlefield to test their strength and please Scar AB.

Dude, where'd you get the car?[]

Car Dude icon

In the battle, as usual, participate 8 survivors. But something went wrong. Armored cars have been replaced for everyone! Dude, where'd you get the car?

Steel Championship[]

Steel Championship icon2

Skar AB and the Scavengers are hosting the first football championship since the disaster, but the rules of the old world no longer apply. Start the armored car, grab the harpoon and go!

Squad Training[]

Squad Training icon

Compete with other survivors for valuable resources in a series of 4v4 team battles.
The winner will be the team that is stronger in two rounds out of three.

Winter Mayhem[]

Face-off icon

Tanks are calling, survivor! “Green tracks” and “Grey towers” came together in battle, and it's time to show who the best tankman is here.
The winner will be the team that is stronger in two rounds out of three.
Battles are 6v6 until two victories.

Spring Mayhem[]

Face-off icon

Tanks are calling, survivor! “Green tracks” and “Grey towers” came together in battle, and it's time to show who the best tankman is here.
The winner will be the team that is stronger in two rounds out of three.
Battles are 6v6 until two victories. Brawl mode “Encounter”.

Present Heist 2020[]

Present Heist icon

Villain Gronch hates the holidays. Survivors will have to escort a New Year's gift truck delivering gifts from the warehouse to the New Year's tree and fend off Gronch's henchmen.


Battlefield icon

Tanks are calling, survivor! “Green tracks” and “Grey towers” came together in battle, and it's time to show who the best tankman is here. Prove yourself and get prizes!


Dronapocalypse icon

The dronapocalypse has come to the Wasteland. Become a drone! Fight like a drone! Protect your leviathan and destroy the enemy one. Let the fun begin!

Crossout Day[]

Crossout Day icon

Caligari and Ochre are already waiting for you at your range! Destroy your opponents in the updated brawl on the new map, collect all rewards of the festive event and don’t forget about the gift and special promotion!

Operation "Gozu"[]

Operation Gozu icon

Survivors, it's Nobuko. Your goal is to neutralize the Ravager object at the specified coordinates. It is advisable to do this quietly. You will receive detailed instructions upon arrival. The Syndicate expects you to succeed, don't let me down.


Slaughter icon

In the chaos that has arisen since the appearance of the Syndicate and the attacks of the Ravagers, groups of survivors arrange a real massacre for the resources left unguarded.

Goal: your whole team must score 10000 points faster than the opposing team.

Operation "Ashen Ring"[]

Operation Ashen Ring icon

Survivors, this is Torben Linnholm speaking! Your goal is to recapture our mobile command post from the Ashen Ring and organize a defense against the waves of Ravagers. We pay separately for the removal of Dawn's Children equipment, but be prepared for increased resistance.

You can build special machine gun and cannon turrets using the parts that you get for destroying enemies.


Sabotage icon

Try on the roles of attackers and defenders! Detonate the bomb or keep the base safe! The brawl is available until October 20 inclusive.

Red Light[]

Red Light icon

The Founders managed to maintain control of the Ashen Ring, but now their outpost was surrounded. Engineers are doing their best to arrange supplies for their new allies. Foxy, a skilled Ravager hunter, has taken on the challenge of leading groups of survivors through hordes of living machines.

Secret Santa[]

Secret Santa icon

Year after year, Gronch has tried to steal Christmas. But this time he decided to use the holiday against the survivors themselves. He prepared his own addition to the presents that were about to spread across the Valley. Soon they came to life and began attacking everyone. Fireman Henry once again calls on the survivors to stop Gronch!

Brawl Festival in Crossout (2022)[]

Brawl Festival icon

For the New Year’s Eve, we have prepared new brawls, some of which have been created with the help of bloggers and players.

Brawl Festival in Crossout[]

We invite everyone to take part in the new brawl festival! We have prepared 19 brawls for this event: from classic PvP battles with pre-determined armoured cars to modes with their own unique gameplay features.

Judgment Night[]

Mr. Twister icon

PvP mode unlike any other brawls in Crossout. The battles take place on preset armoured cars, each of which was carefully assembled by Mr. Twister solely for chaos and destruction of opponents!

Off we go![]

Off we go! icon

The propellers cut through the air, carrying a while arsenal of different weapons along with them. This is the first time the Valley sees real armoured aircrafts in the sky!

Operation "Radiance"[]

Operation Radiance Icon

They are back! A new map, new Ravager vehicles, a new event with rewards, and the same adrenaline rush as in the operation “Red Light” — all this awaits you in the operation “Radiance”!

Air Battle[]

Air Battle icon

Prepare both the armoured car and armoured aircraft with a difference of 500 PS for battle! In this mode, after the first destruction you will have another chance to return to the battle by switching to your second vehicle.

At gunpoint[]

At gunpoint icon

Look at the battles from a fresh perspective! The brawl’s main feature is its unusual viewing angle, which simulates a first-person view.

Crazy dash[]

Crazy dash icon

It is a team PvP brawl that follows the “Assault” scenario where you can use temporary Left dash and Right dash modules.

Enemy in reflection[]

Enemy in reflection icon

It is a team PvP brawl with preset vehicles, which continues the traditions of the “Spring mayhem” and “Confrontation”.

Operation "Blackout"[]

Operation Blackout icon

Fight your way through the hordes of Ravagers and destroy Lloyd. A single encounter with the Ravagers means destruction! If you end up on the enemy's side, stop the survivors from reaching their destination!

Custom Brawls[]

Big Bad Bladespines[]

Big Bad Bladespines icon

Madness or courage, what absorbs your consciousness more from what we have prepared for you this time? Will you dare to take part and conquer everyone with the incredible power of insane and dangerous weapons?

Big Bad Burners[]

Big Bad Burners icon

According to legend, monsters are born in fire, but according to rumors, monsters are fire, so who's stopping you from becoming the same monster of the underworld and burning your enemies, grabbing new victims along the way. © Archick

Boar Fight[]

Boar Fight icon

There is no place to stop in the Wasteland, maneuverability, speed and madness - this is the key to the success of a real survivor, pedal-to-the-metal and ram the enemy, show your skills. © sibaysky

Big Races[]


Race with worthy opponents to be the best.

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