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CK Raptor (rus. НК Раптор) is a Rare customization kit in Crossout.


Changes appearance of cabin WyvernWyvern

This aggressive, fast and wild cabin will take you to the boundless Wasteland. As far as the heart of an eternal vagabond desires.

  • The customized item cannot be traded.
  • Only one CK can be applied to an item.
  • Removing the CK allows the item to be sold.
When it comes to high speed, the Lunatics are the first who come to mind. But every rule has its exceptions. For example, “Wyvern” built by the Nomads. Maybe that's why the unknown artisan re-built this cabin in the style of the Lunatics. And now, not even Ulysses himself can recognize a single part! The end result is a dangerous and vicious cabin. A perfect fit for the predators hunting in well-coordinated groups in the Wasteland.
Prophecy of Vala.
That serpent that used to fly in the skies,

Fell to ground in insanity.

And destoyed all life in the Wastelands

And found piece only in lust for speed.