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Waderkvarn Stash This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Waderkvarn Stash».

CK Ragnarok (rus. НК Рагнарек) is a Legendary customization kit in Crossout.


Changes appearance of the grenade launcher RetcherRetcher.

Hyperboreans usually didn't spend any time on adapting the captured parts to their own needs and just simply melted them down in massive furnaces. It didn't work in the Valley, because they had to bring the loot to the workshops over long distances, but it was still necessary to patch up the holes in their own armoured vehicles. To the delight of the northerners, some of the parts have turned out to be pretty good.

  • The customized item cannot be traded.
  • Only one CK can be applied to an item.
  • Removing the CK allows an item to be sold.